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The Top Concept Cars of Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

frankfurt-concept-cars-125Flocked by the press, motoring enthusiasts and car makers from all over the world, car shows are great venues to take a look of the future of the automotive industry. Some concepts actually turn out to be realities in the following months or years, but others just remain to as crazy ideas and wild prototypes. Ranging from SUVs, electric vehicles, supercars to cars of your wildest imaginations, car shows are showcase of speed, technology and design.

But regardless of the fate of these cars in display, here are the top show stoppers at the latest Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Continue reading

Could this be the Smarter, Lighter, Longer-lasting Car Battery We Need?

There had been numerous advances in automotive battery technology in the past several years, but many people think car batteries haven’t really improved significantly. This is truer for lead-acid car batteries. They are still the same bulky and heavy power storage devices that run millions of conventional cars.

However, it can’t be denied that car batteries are very essential parts to the vehicle. Without a car battery, you will be unable to start and run your car, as well as use the electronic features like radio and airconditioning system. And while it’s hard to believe that car batteries can become smarter, in fact they can. Continue reading

The Most Common Challenges with Electric Vehicles Addressed by One Innovative Solution

It has been said too many times that electric vehicles is the future of transportation. Although a number of people have already grown august 2015 image2fond and embraced the idea of their vehicles running through electricity rather than on gas, there are still some people who believe that gas-powered vehicle is what makes sense today. Continue reading

Blade: The First 3D-Printed Supercar

blade car in cover What will the mighty Blade car have in store?

Every year, the automotive industry surprises us with new innovations that could either awe or irk us. Some dabble with the form and look of the car, while others are more involved with performance. But there seems to be little effort in concentrating on the manufacturing process – one that would make production more environment-friendly but would still produce vehicles that are high-performing and good looking.

Divergent Microfactories has recently presented its own take on making the production-process more earth-friendly, featuring a technology that has been slowly integrated into the automotive industry. Introducing the Blade – the first 3D-printed supercar.

The Blade’s dramatic appearance is eye-catching. It runs with both compressed natural gas and gasoline, it is 90% lighter than the traditionally-manufactured vehicles and it is composed of 3D-printed carbon fiber instead of the more famous materials like aluminum and steel. The Blade runs with a 700HP engine and weighs approximately 1400 lbs.

Interestingly, the Blade is also a supercar and it is the first of its kind which has been manufactured with a 3D-printing system. Continue reading

Summer Car Battery Care Tips and Maintenance

With the summer in, the streets are expected to be lined by car after car aiming to deliver families to their summer destination. Summer is also the perfect time for a getaway from home so your car must be up for the summer heat and the probable long trips.summercar4

Your car battery could take quite a beating this season so it is best that you toughen it up for the possible issues that could come up during your vacation. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind to ensure that your car battery is up for the challenges this season. Continue reading

Cheaper Electric Vehicle Battery and the Imminent Proliferation of EVs to the Mainstream Market

cheaper electric battery(1) Electric Car Battery Charging Station

The electric vehicle has been waiting to breakthrough to the automotive mainstream market for a while now, but its limitations on cost and mileage reined it to the sidelines. But that event doesn’t seem so far ahead now. Continue reading

Car Battery Disposal, Recycling, and Other Uses

car-batteries-symbolVarious car batteries have different life spans. Lead-acid car batteries can perform well under two years old, and the succeeding years would diminish its performance. Hybrid car batteries like that of the Toyota Prius are said to last for around 8 years, although many of these vehicles are still running with their original battery packs for more than a decade. An electric car running on lithium ion battery can last for hundred thousands of miles without failure.  Continue reading

Race Car Technologies Found in Your Ordinary Car

Race-Car technology2You drive your way to work, to the grocery, to pick your kids and see your parents several miles away for the weekend. Yet, behind your mind you dream of your ordinary car as a race car – something you could take to join F1 or the NASCAR and be a glorified driver even just for a day.

Your everyday car may be just a Corolla or a Honda Fit, nothing fancy or superb for the racetracks. But your everyday car is actually equipped with race car technologies that you may not be aware of. Here’s a list of the top 10 car technologies that mass-produced everyday cars have.

You can start appreciating your Corolla now. Continue reading

Understanding the Fuel Cell Vehicle

The world sees automotive innovations advancing in menacing speed. Automotive manufacturers may focus on the car’s connectivity so it can catch up and complement the modern lifestyle, but they always go back to the basics: what makes the vehicle run. Indeed, from internal combustion engines, lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries, one fuel alternative is making quite an impression nowadays: hydrogen fuel cells.

toyota fcv The Toyota FCV

Although the fuel cell vehicle is not as popular as the battery electric vehicle yet, some car makers believe that it could be worth investing in. Continue reading

Nickel-Metal Hydride Car Batteries Making a Comeback

Nickel Metal Hydride Car BatteriesElectric vehicles have become immensely popular nowadays and it is predicted that they even become more commonplace in the next five to ten years. The key to appreciating the electric vehicle is its battery. While conventional vehicles running on diesel engine loses fuel as they run with the loss being irreversible, cars running on batteries can be recharged for the next use. Continue reading

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